Beginners Guide to Microcontroller

on Wednesday, 11 September 2013
As you are reading this post shows that you are a beginner in this field of Embedded Systems.I'm youstron sic and writing this blog to make you understand the micro controller better and do few projects from basics to advanced. I'm going to write as easy as possible and straight to the point.

 What you will learn after reading this blog:

  • You will  understand the basic concepts of electronics.
  • Basics of assembly level programming makes you easy to understand the C language.
  • You will learn coding. 
  • You can test your project on simulator software and easily design PCB for it.
  • Note that all the project coding will be in MikroC language for the PIC microcontroller.

Before going further I want you to give  a few suggestions for the better understanding of my blog.

  • I strictly recommend you to  read  posts in a hierarchical way as I arranged in the 'Home page'. It helps us to understand step by step without any confusion.
  • Leave a comment under the post if you have any doubt regarding it.
  • Install the softwares in your PC which I suggest now and then.
  • If you want to suggest me any topic to publish then you are free to do it through my email id (check in the profile section).
I strictly suggest you to watch this video if you know Hindi/Urdu language. (Not related to electronics, related to 'success' ) then watch the first video, if you want the translation in English then watch the 2nd video. If you miss this then you will miss a lot...

English version