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on Tuesday, 10 September 2013

                                                           AUTHOR: YOUSTRON SIC


1. Must Read

2. Introduction to Embedded Systems

3. Fundamentals of 8051 Assembly Programming

4. Fundamentals of C for Embedded Programming

5. Introduction to PIC microcontroller


1. Introduction to MikroC compiler

2. Logic and Coding

3. Hardware Basics

4. LED Blinking Project

5. LED Dice Project

6. 7-Segment LED Project

7. Interfacing LCD Project

8. Interfacing Matrix Keypad Project

9. Simple Calculator Project


1. Reading and Understanding Datasheet

2. Temperature Indicator and recorder Project

3. Home Security System using Laser Project

4. Electronic Voting Machine Project

5. PS2 Keyboard Interfacing Project

6. Controlling Home Appliances using Tv Remote Project

7. LED Scroll Message Board Project

8. Controlling Home Appliances Using SMS Project

9. Interfacing GPS Module Project

10. Railway Track Crack Detection Robot