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computer speakers

Hello guys i'm back with my latest post.I had two speakers at home which were not in use from long long time, so i thought to make it work and successfully done too.Now I'm using the same for my computer,mobile phone and tablet PC, it works great with high sound quality and whatsoever no noise. So, i thought to write this post to give you working amplifier circuit to save few bugs for not buying new speakers.
I want to keep this post straight forward, check the below circuit diagram which is self explanatory...
stereo amplifier circuitPOWER SOURCE:
We can power this circuit by usb or adapter or any battery.
If our purpose is to use it for computer then you can power  circuit from usb(which is of 5v). USB's 1st pin acts as +ve and 4th pin as -ve for our circuit. 

As we are using power source as USB, we cant use it for plugging to mobile or tablet but it will be very helpful for laptop users. 
One more option to power our  circuit using 5v to 15v adapter(i'm using 12v adapter). I think this is the best way to power because we can use for mobile phones, tablet PC and computer as well. It only costs in india i.e around 1$.

'Input Right' , 'Input left' (look circuit diagram) , we use 3mm audio jack for this purpose. Look at the below fig.
3mm jack pin connections

To find  which pin is i/p left and i/p right and ground(middle pin is ground shown with symbol), use multimeter. Set multimeter in continuity mode and touch one probe to tip of the audio jack(fig shows as 'L') and touch another probe to two pins(one after the other) at which pin it beeps  its 'I/p left', remaining pin will be 'I/p Right'. Now connect it to circuit. 

VARIABLE RESISTOR: You will find two 50k variable resistors(pot) in the circuit diagram whose symbol is ''resistor with arrow mark pointing towards it'' is similar to below fig. Look at the below fig connect it according to the pin numbers as shown below
variable resistor pin numbers

Left side shown is the 'variable resistor' physical photo and right side shown is the symbol, use the numbering to connect. You can interchange pin 1 and 2 no problem, but 3 should connect correctly. 

You will find many types of variable resister packages i just shown one...

**Note: After making all the connections correct and connected to input, if speaker produces noise then adjust the variable resistor (pot) nob. In fact it is used for volume control.

I have used adapter 12v, 8ohm 5watt speakers and it works excellent with no noise with high volume. I hope these important points will help you.

stereo speakrs project




sir how we use power adaptor to power this circuit??????

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