on Thursday, 3 October 2013
Hello friends, you might think the necessity of this post, whatever we do we should know its cause i.e we should know what's the reason behind doing something.So, by reading this post you will understand the importance of Circuit Projects.

It is preferable to do 'Circuit Projects' before we deal with microcontroller projects.
What are these Circuit projects? In these types of projects we don't use any type of microcontroller and coding, we just check the Circuit Schematic and we test them on a breadboard and verify the result and then we solder it on the PCB (if necessary).
What will be the use if we do these type of projects?
  • It will be easy to understand the Schematics.  
  • We will get a good idea of all the basic components which we are going to use in microcontroller projects like resistors, capacitor, transistors, leds, ldr, relays, etc.
  • We will be perfect with breadboarding i.e. we will get good hands on experience of using breadboard for wiring circuits.  
One of the most important criteria to be successful is the 'Confidence' .If we are confident enough only then we can achieve something. How we will get confidence, it is not something which will be generated automatically, if we do something only then we will get self confidence. So, by doing these type of circuit projects gets self confidence that "yes I can deal with electronics and its easy to do so".

From next few posts we will do comprehensive circuit projects and we will build confidence.


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