on Friday, 11 October 2013
In our previous post we have seen features of Pic18f452, in this post we will look at the Pin Diagram and its general hardware connections.
pic18f452 pin diagram

It is of 40pin package comprises of 5 ports i.e A, B, C, D and E .
'Port A' is represented as RA(i.e RA0, RA1,RA2, so on ...)
'Port B' as RB( i.e RB0, RB1, RB2, so on... )
'Port C' as RC(i.e RC0, RC1, etc)
'Port D' as RD and Port E as RE( i.e RE0, RE1, RE2)

Most of the port pins have multiple functions i.e we can note from the above pin diagram that Port A can be used as general purpose Input/Output or analog inputs and also Port B pins can be used as general purpose I/O as well as interrupt inputs.
Most common pins used in every wiring: 
Now let us look at the general connections which will be same in all the project.
+5v = pin 1,11, 32
Gnd= pin 31, 12
Crystal oscillator = pin 13, 14

pic general connections
Pin 1 is MCLR pin, if the Switch 'Sw' is pressed then current flows to ground and  pin 1 will be '0' ( 0 level potential) by which microcontroller will be reset.
If we are using +9v battery, then it has to be converted to +5v by using IC7805, we have seen it in 'Simple Light Sensor Circuit project' post.
As we know the importance of Crystal oscillator from our previous posts again repeating it is the waste of time.( I recommend your to follow my posts in hierarchy way as i mentioned in home page).



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