Admin's word on advertising of this blog

As an admin of this site I feel to share something with all the readers of this blog.
Today (i.e. 16th October 2013), our blog have been approved for adding advertising banners. Whatever the revenue we earn from this blog  we spend it for the poor people, every dollar we earn we make use it for the needy people who are starving for the food, and for those who don't have shelter and for those who don't have a proper dress to cover their body.
If we don't help others then surely we don't have any right to expect help from others.We don't want any donations from readers, just we want you to share this site with others. I'm writing this blog with whatever little knowledge I have. As my knowledge is limited, even you can share your knowledge for this site through your posts related to electronics.
Do remember, sharing your knowledge is not only helpful in terms of educating people but also you are helping poor.
Mail your suggestions, requests, ideas, posts or any other related to or you can directly contact me on facebook